Vindicated (VIDEO)

A professor who was fired from the University of California-Irvine was recently vindicated in his battle with his former employer. Dr. Aaron Kheriaty has been an outspoken advocate for natural immunity and fighting against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The video features a lengthy interview with the professor and doctor, who is part of a lawsuit that will force government officials like Anthony Fauci to defend the strictures imposed on the public during the pandemic.

Leading up to the pandemic, Dr. Kheriaty spent 15 years as professor at the School of Medicine at UC-Irvine, where he also directed the medical ethics program. In August 2021, he challenged UC-Irvine's vaccine mandate and was promptly fired.

Fast forward to September of this year, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officially endorsed Dr. Kheriaty's central position held in his lawsuit against UC-Irvine, which is that discrimination based on COVID-19 jab status is wrong from a biological perspective. (Never mind the ethics of such an immoral policy.) By now it is common knowledge across planet earth that the COVID-19 jabs do not sterilize the disease, or rather, they do not halt the transmission of the virus.

Kheriaty further explained that his hope is that a precedent will be set by his case that says government cannot coerce citizens to take a novel therapy and/or medical intervention without informed consent.

"The principle of informed consent is the central principle articulated in the Nuremberg Code, which was a response to Nazi atrocities, which included medicine in the Third Reich where they experimented on people without their consent," he said.


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