'Paris Holds the Key To Your Heart' fall musical is outstanding (VIDEO)

(UPDATE on December 1)

NOTE: the updating to this website that is normally done on Thursdays is delayed by a day. The December 1 postings will be added on Friday, December 2. We apologize for the delay. The brakes went out on the publisher's 1999 Buick, and fixing that problem chewed up the day that was December 1. Also: an additional 24 photos were discovered from the musical shows, bringing the new grand total of photos taken by The Voice to 1,210. You can see them all at the newspaper's SmugMug online galleries in our 2022 Fine Arts folder: bonanzavalley.smugmug.com/BBEBonanza-Valley-Area-Fine-Arts-2022.

Below is a video clip from the opening scene of Act II on Sunday, November 20, at Olson Auditorium, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa high school. This was the final show of the fall musical 'Anastasia' last weekend.

The November 24 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper includes 26 photos from the three shows of the musical. One more week of musical coverage will follow next week.


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