Finding a new way: modernizing the annual sugar beet harvest

Sugar beet harvesting has become a time-honored tradition each fall across the Bonanza Valley area and beyond. The method used consists of two separate machines, one that cuts the top off the plant and the other that digs them up and lifts them into a storage hopper for transport.

Hence the phrase, "It's time to lift beets" muttered by farmers across central Minnesota and beyond.

The need to use two machines creates an extra layer of cost for equipment and labor, not to mention the necessity that the lifting of the beets will take place in a timely fashion after the tops are cut off depending on weather conditions.

Enter the MPS BeetLifter.

Two Elrosa and Sauk Centre-area men have joined forces to create a new system of lifting beets.

The full story was published in the January 5 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper.


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