B-B-E Resistance Robotics makes history at La Crosse with playoff berth

Playoff berth is a first for B-B-E's robotics team

The Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Resistance Robotics team made history on Sunday, March 26 at La Crosse, Wisconsin, as they were selected to advance to the playoffs of the North Star regional competition. They finished the regular matches in 17th place overall with a 7-6 record.

Their third playoff match started at about 14:50, and they are paired with Rocori and a team out of St. Charles, Illinois. At this point of the playoffs, B-B-E's alliance is 1-1 with a win in the first playoff match and then a close 129-123 loss that sent them into the loser's bracket.

Top-ranked Rocori (15-1 after three rounds of playoffs) selected B-B-E to their playoff alliance.

UPDATE: B-B-E's red alliance won 162-146 in their third playoff match of the regional tournament.

The fourth playoff match for B-B-E starts at about 15:27. UPDATE: Rocori subbed out B-B-E's robot for a different team for the fourth playoff match. Rocori's blue alliance then won 134-123 to stay alive in the loser's bracket. Coach Adrian is determining where things stand for B-B-E's team.

UPDATE: B-B-E's alliance with Rocori, St. Charles (IL) and Apple Valley has advanced to the finals!!! History-making continues past 16:00 today! The Rocori-led blue alliance won the fifth playoff match by a 159-143 margin with the grid stacking proving the difference by a 111-95 margin. Every other category was essentially dead even, down to the final end game where all six robots were docked and engaged at the final buzzer.

The North Star region finals round begins at about 16:10 this afternoon. Updates to follow. B-B-E's alliance, led by Rocori, will compete against an alliance consisting of teams from Rockford, Hatton (ND) and Hermantown.

Finals round update No. 1: Rocori's blue alliance lost 145-130 in the first match of the finals. Apple Valley's robot lost its bumper during the grid-stacking period and powered down, so the alliance suffered a close loss with just two robots functioning in the final stretch.

Finals round update No. 2: Rocori's blue alliance won 133-128 in a photo-finish thriller in the second match of the finals. This brings a winner-take-all third finals match! This final, final match should get started at about 16:55.

Finals round update No. 3: Rocori's blue alliance lost 144-130 in the third and final match of the finals round in La Crosse. Their alliance finishes the playoffs in second place to end their teams' respective seasons.

The official F.I.R.S.T. website for B-B-E's robotics team can be found at this link: https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/4238/2023.


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