A super short study in the banality of evil

WARNING: the video embedded here contains disturbing footage of young children being tortured in public spaces. Watch at your own risk.

So the video is just 2 minutes and 20 seconds long, but it illustrates the banality of evil of men like Joe Biden, Bill Gates and Tony Fauci.

Ivor Cummins, whose YouTube channel published this video, said it best, "NEVER FORGET what these 'banality of evil' men did to our children, and to our citizens - just watch for a minute or so and you will see. Share so that the citizens never forget the incredible banality while driving the abuse of little kids - and what they will do to us, if they are allowed to continue their pharma tyranny."

In 1961, writer Hannah Arendt reported on the war crimes trial of Adolph Eichmann for The New Yorker magazine. Eichmann was a Nazi operative responsible for the scheming and planning behind transporting millions of Jews and others who Germany felt were "undesirable" to various concentration camps as part of Adolph Hitler's Final Solution horror.

Arendt coined the phrase "the banality of evil" to describe Eichmann's actions to illustrate how far removed he was from what he and his Nazi peers did to members of the Jewish race.

In Arendt's words, Eichmann "performed evil deeds without evil intentions, a fact connected to his ‘thoughtlessness’, a disengagement from the reality of his evil acts. Eichmann ‘never realised what he was doing’ due to an ‘inability… to think from the standpoint of somebody else’."


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