What is wrong with leaders in some of our schools?

I recently read an article about someone predicting that all the COVID "precautions" unleashed in March/April 2020 would put humanity into a "death spiral" and every day it appears that is more and more true. What they wrote was a warning, and every prediction they gave has come true.

I saw an article about a family who is suing their deceased child's public school for ignoring cyberbullying concerns, and it just backs up this idea of humanity being in a "death spiral" that was only sped up by the COVID precautions unleashed by governments and some private businesses across the globe in 2020 and 2021.

According to the article, school staff were putting resources into policing "proper mask usage" among children while ignoring cyberbullying. And we just let them get away with it. They get away with it and continue to hold their jobs. It's wrong. There's no way you can justify a school leader ignoring cyberbullying while they harass students about "proper mask usage".

If you click on the following short link, you can read a story at ABC Chicago 7 Eyewitness News that outlines the cyberbullying and quotes the parents: https://abc7.ws/3LWKRwD.


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