The COVID hysteria continues, as if it will go on and on and on forever (OPINION)

In Santa Clara County, California, their public health director is Dr. Sarah Cody. She has famously stated repeatedly that she and her co-workers are still wearing masks to work and in crowded settings.

The chances you'd be exposed to COVID are very high right now, according to her.

Dr. Cody has stated she religiously masks and was shocked when she herself came down with COVID.

It's as if these people's brains are hijacked, and they are unable and unwilling to use critical thinking skills and think independently. It's shocking and frightening that a woman that stupid is running a major county's health department in California.

COVID-19 in 2023 is not a death sentence for people who get it. The problem today is that we continue to have complete morons in charge of government agencies and institutions in America and around the world. These people wield enormous power and leverage over the lives of millions of children and adults in America.

We must never forget the track record of these power-hungry lunatics whose abuses of power destroyed countless small businesses. They created a litany of school mandates that harmed children in every corner of the country - rural and urban. They pushed for mandates in colleges, where many today continue forcing COVID therapy jabs on healthy young adults.

The important task at hand is to get them out of power so they can no longer impact our lives. We must also make it extremely unattractive for anyone who remains in power to abuse their public health powers. Forcing jabs on children so they can attend school or on adults who just want to be able to go to work need to be ideas that are never, ever considered in America.


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