One of the greatest songs ever written (VIDEO)

THIS is hands down one of the greatest songs that's been penned in the history of music in America.

Oliver Anthony completely knocked it out of the park with this working man/woman anthem "Rich Men North of Richmond"!

Oliver Anthony is a former factory worker from Farmville, Virginia, who now operates a livestock farm with his three dogs. His song sums up the feelings of Americans across all corners and all walks of life who are stick of a bloated, inept and incompetent federal government whose choices and actions are crushing our businesses, main streets and livelihoods.

In a nutshell: we are 100 percent FED UP.

Another important note: the left has lost their mind over the song, which has created a unique level of entertainment as they melt down. It would be a shame if the song just got more and more popular as they get more and more upset by its popularity.

What's stopping artists on the left from writing and performing their own ballad that lifts up their values? Do they lack the initiative to accomplish that?


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