Surgery a "100 percent" success at Rochester Mayo Hospital

A major corrective surgery at Rochester Mayo for out-of-control scoliosis afflicting the oldest daughter of the Bonanza Valley Voice publisher's family was a "total, 100 percent success" on August 24.

Children and adults from all over the globe travel to Rochester to treat what ails them, so to have this medical facility right here in our state is a blessing.

The surgery, performed at St. Mary's Hospital on the Rochester Mayo campus, prevented permanent damage caused by a severely-curved spine that progressively grew worse and worse since last winter.

While the scoliosis was diagnosed in the fall of 2021, it was initially rated as minor and was not causing physical problems. This changed for the worse starting in December 2022, and month-by-month across last winter the back issues grew worse, which placed her in the top tier of priority for Rochester Mayo doctors.

While at face value it is a gruesome surgery, spinal fusion is a miracle of modern medicine. This surgery prevented what was shaping up to be a crippled, painful existence for the publisher's oldest daughter.

The Olson family wishes to thank everyone for their prayers and view the surgery's outcome as a reason to celebrate. She is not out of the woods, however, and faces many weeks of very difficult recovery. They ask that friends and family continue to pray for her.


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