Lest there is any confusion: we will not comply! (OPINION)


August 31, 2023


A dirty, used surgical facemask sits in a basement window well outside the home of the newspaper publisher's family after it likely blew across the street from the school. In a unique experiment, the facemask has been untouched since it was discovered there in April of 2021. It's now two years later, and there it sits: dirty and disgusting. The question is: how many decades will it last there?

In case there's any confusion from state and federal government officials: we will not comply! We will not comply on the local level to jab or mask mandates or any other coercive heavy-handedness from the government with the fear-mongering that's on the rise from the latest variant(s) of COVID-19.

I see that Tony Fauci has opened his mouth about masks. He has no idea how much anger we have across middle America at what they did to us and how badly they lied across 2020 and 2021 and beyond. These people are fools if they think they can do it again.

Any ideas that Tim Walz or Joe Biden have for our schools will fall on deaf ears. We will fight the government every step of the way if they think they will return us to the 2020-2021 era. The Land of Rocks and cows is ready to not comply with any coercive mandates for our businesses, churches or schools.

We. Will. Not. Comply!


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