Progress in downtown Brooten (VIDEO)


September 14, 2023


This photo was taken on Friday, September 15 in downtown Brooten after one of the run down buildings was torn down.

The community of Brooten is making progress towards cleaning up run down buildings, whether it's on Main Street or elsewhere in town.


(VIDEO) Recorded on Friday, September 15 in downtown Brooten.

This week in downtown Brooten, buildings near the heart of town are getting attention needed towards demolition. One building was dropped early on the morning of Friday, September 15.

Video below shows some of the aftermath of demolition that morning.

The new property owner of this corner stated to The Voice that he believes the other building, which is commonly known as the old laundromat building, will be torn down some time in early October this fall. This property owner also owns the former hardware store building on Main Street, which is located just north of where this demolition is taking place.


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