CDC Director Cohen is as clueless as they come (VIDEO)

Just when you thought government officials couldn't get dumber. We have yet another Joe Biden official in the federal government pushing the craziest, dumbest ideas.

In one of her recent announcements to the public, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Directory Mandy Cohen (who is supposedly a "doctor") stated that any American not up to date on their COVID-19 jab/booster-whatever-they-want-to-call-it AND also anyone who is totally un-jabbed should get a booster jab right now. This is in spite of the fact that the current jab available is for the old variants.

Cohen also conveniently ignores the fact that there have been no clinical studies of the boosters and that COVID mortality is near zero.

Mandy Cohen is just one more government shill for Big Pharma in America.

In the attached video, left-leaning comedian Jimmy Dore points out all that's wrong with Cohen's messaging. He points out in very clear terms how she is a gross and vile person. Thank you, Jimmy!


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