Federal government investigating signs of seizures and more in 2-5 year olds after COVID jab (VIDEO)

The United State's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating safety (danger) signals coming from reports of children in the 2 to 5-year old age bracket who are suffering from seizures and convulsions after they've been hit with a COVID jab. These safety signals suggest that the odds of those ages of children having a seizure or convulsion is higher from getting a jab of COVID therapy compared to if they had not received the jabs at all. The COVID jabs being investigated are based on the mRNA platform, which is the only type of COVID jab approved for this age group of children.

Out of 21 safety signals that the FDA has been monitoring in this study, they found myocarditis and pericarditis (heart damage) as a statistically-significant signal. These concerns have been well-noted and well-publicized outside of the mainstream media in the United States since the rollout of the mRNA-based COVID jabs in 2021.

A new signal has been uncovered that the FDA was not previously aware of for children ages 2 to 5, which is a threat of seizures and convulsions. This age group was approved to get jabbed by these mRNA technology-based COVID therapies on October 18, 2022.

The study, based off of insurance claims from three separate sources of data, is an FDA-sponsored investigation, and it does not stem from litigation or other outside influences. A pre-print of the study was published on October 15, 2023.

Dr. Been breaks this all down in the 24-minute long video that's attached here.

Side bar: in December of 2021, the share price of Pfizer was around $59. As of October 19, 2023, the share price of Pfizer is $31.19. Because of recent financial troubles, Pfizer is enacting over $3.5 billion of cost-cutting measures.

For Moderna, their share price before the COVID pandemic hovered between $13 and $20 a share. In December 2021, Moderna's share prices skyrocketed to $449. As of October 19, 2023, Moderna share prices stood at $82.37 each.

The recent unpopularity of these companies' COVID jabs is having an extremely negative effect on their bottom line.


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