Oregon slides further into the abyss of idiocy (OPINION)

The state of Oregon is concerned that school is too difficult for students, so in a boneheaded move, the powers-that-be in that state decided that knowing how to read, how to write or how to do basic math is not something they need to prove in order to earn a high school diploma.

The Oregon Board of Education unanimously voted to wait until at least 2028 before they could resume implementation of the idea that an 18-year old should prove that they received a basic level of education before earning a high school diploma.

As Mark Dice said in the video (attached to this web article on October 28), we are living in an Idiocracy, now that this idea has gone forward in Oregon. It's no telling how many other states will follow suit.

The sad truth is that lowering standards is a horrible thing to do for children and for public education. It's gross. SHAME on Oregon.


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