SO, is there a bigger clown than Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris continues to prove she is one of the biggest clowns in Washington, D.C.

There was no bigger proof of that than the latest stunt she pulled off on Thanksgiving. For a Thanksgiving Day post on her official Vice President of the United States Twitter account, Harris posted what was a genuinely warm-hearted picture of her with her husband in their kitchen. They happened to be standing next to a gas stove. They wag their fingers at Americans who have gas stoves...yet there's one sitting right in the Kamala Harris kitchen.


A gas stove is one of many staples of America that have been in the crosshairs of Democrats and Joe Biden's federal bureaucracy.

How ironic that these people continue to preach "Do what we say, but not what we do!"

It's a theme for clowns who think their lives are more important than the lives of common, everyday Americans.

They continue to be near some of the worst people on earth. Not the worst people...but close.

The attached video here spells it all out. It's roughly two minutes long.


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