Thanksgiving costs up significantly from a year ago

Economic news has progressively gotten worse over the past three years. What's most difficult at the present time is that hope and relief just do not seem to be on the horizon with interest rates as high as they are now and personal / family debt growing to extraordinary levels.

Since January of 2021, just getting by in the United States has gotten tougher and tougher. The latest news on Thanksgiving dinner costs is just one more kick in the gut.

Here's a summary of price increases in the past year for the cost of what a typical Thanksgiving dinner costs:

Turkey: up 24 percent.

Pie crusts: up 20 percent.

Russet potatoes: up 16 percent.

Dinner rolls: up 15 percent.

Cranberries: up 11 percent.

Gravy: up 9 percent.

Sweet potatoes: up 4 percent.

Source: American Federal Farm Bureau Federation.


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