Mystery clotting in a post-COVID jab world (VIDEO, UPDATE)

The blood clot issue is especially significant for the newspaper publisher's family, as the publisher's wife is battling mystery blood clots that have affected her in the past 2 months. Currently, the publisher's family is investigating the pros and cons of joining future class action lawsuits against Pfizer.

In the attached video, Dr. John Campbell speaks with Major Tom Havland, United States Air Force, who is a data scientist and an engineer mathematician. He and Dr. Campbell have a conversation here about mystery blood clots that embalmers have found in corpses over the past three years. Because of these strange clots, the embalming process in the corpses can take 2 1/2 hours where it usually only took 1 to 1 1/2 hours prior to the arrival of the COVID jabs in 2021.

Basically, the circular system of corpses is significantly clogged. The embalmers have stated their belief that these clots formed before the person died, not after death. Even more perplexing is that the clots found by embalmers can be in the 6 to 10-inch long range. In rare cases, embalmers have found clots that extended as long as two feet within a corpse.

The video, which goes in depth into the topic, is 49 minutes long.


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