The trans movement is fully out of control (VIDEO)


February 22, 2024

The push to allow boys who think they are girls to play competitive, contact sports with real girls has reached a new low and continues to break the realms of all human decency. Beyond the incidents where boys who think they are girls are discovered in girls' locker rooms, the world has now been made fully aware of a shocking game that took place in Massachusetts.

(HD VIDEO) From the Valuetainment YouTube channel:

In a junior varsity girls' basketball game, a boy who thinks he is a girl who stands 6 feet tall (complete with facial hair) was seen on video ripping a basketball out of the hands of a girl as she was tossed to the floor. In the video, the girl is seen crouched on the floor writhing in pain. It's very difficult to watch.

In the attached video, that video of the boy (who thinks he's a girl) hurting the girl on the other team is included with other commentary and information added. The attached video is from the YouTube channel of Valuetainment, which dubs itself as the leading source for information, education and entertainment centered on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and capitalism.

Publisher's thoughts: all I can say right now is SHAME on all the adults who encourage this or even allow this to happen. Hell hath no fury that would compare to my rage if this took place in any athletic event involving my children. This has gotten out of control.


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