Moderna booster jab renders Canadian woman quadraplegic (VIDEO)


February 29, 2024

A woman in Canada was diagnosed with transverse myelitis that rendered her quadriplegic.

According to her doctor, he believed that her Moderna COVID booster jab is what caused her to become paralyzed. Two of her medical reports say that the Moderna jab caused it.

Kayla Pollock, a 36-year old in Canada, was discharged from Lyndhurst hospital after suffering acute transverse myelitis in February 2022 following her third dose of a COVID-19 jab. Her first two jabs were manufactured by Pfizer, and she received those jabs in 2021. The third COVID jab was manufactured by Moderna.

(HD VIDEO) From the Viva Frei YouTube channel.

Because Canada's socialized medical system is not capable of providing her the proper lifelong care that she needs, the Canadian government has offered her Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), where she can choose suicide. This offer was given to her in an unsolicited manner.

Ms. Pollock is currently suing Moderna for punitive damages caused by her adverse reaction connected to the booster jab.

In her claim, Ms. Pollock seeks punitive damages totaling $19.5 million as follows: $5 million for non-pecuniary damages for pain and suffering for physical, emotional and psychological impacts; $2.5 million for compensatory damages for loss of past and future earning capacity; $10 million for compensatory damages for future cost of care; and $2 million for compensatory damages for loss of valuable service and loss of housekeeping.

The attached video by Viva Frei, a Florida lawyer, explains more about Ms. Pollock's case.


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