A St. Patrick's Day weekend to remember in Padua (VIDEO)

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The Dave and Clara Rooney family hosted their 44th annual St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday. This was one of many events and sources of entertainment held at the Padua Pub on what was a two-day celebration for the community. On Saturday, over 550 arm bands were provided for patrons of the Padua Pub, and needless to say, a grand time was had by all.

Dave Rooney reported that he believes they served at least 650 that night, all on the pub side, as the banquet hall was not in use on Saturday.

On Sunday, with the banquet hall in use, a terrific crowd was on hand for the St. Patrick's Day parade at 1 p.m. in spite of 20 to 30 mile-an-hour winds belting from the north down County Road 18. To be sure, the green beer flowing through Padua provided a welcome and needed antifreeze to help combat the below-zero windchill!

The attached video features the St. Patrick's Day parade held on Sunday.

To see a photo gallery of parade photos, click over to the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper's SmugMug photo gallery: https://shorturl.at/uMT56.


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