Memes of the day (VIDEO)

We've seen it over and over again at the college level. I haven't seen reports of this type of conversation taking place at the high school level, but I believe it's only a matter of time before it does. The basic conversation goes like this.

A group of female athletes are on a college swimming team. The next season comes around, and a male athlete who identifies as a woman says he/she wants to join the team. The woke, stupid college promptly complies with the request. The females on the team protest loudly at the male who identifies as a female being in the women's locker room. It's sick, of course - ANY thinking person would agree that this is sick and wrong. The college officials, who are clearly sick, promptly ignore the protests of the females on the team. In fact, they go so far as to tell them to "Shut up" about their issues with the male body parts being inside a women's locker room space. Some go so far as to threaten to suspend the females from the team or even the college itself if they continue to protest having male body parts inside their women's locker room space.

Unfortunately, I can't spell out here in a public forum what I think should be done with those types of college administrators.

In another part of the video of memes, it says this advice:

1. Never ask a woman her age.

2. Never ask a man his salary.

3. Never ask a gay and trans activist why they're so interested in your children.

Of course, the meme creator is poking fun at No. 3. We should always question why a gay/trans activist is so interested in anyone's children!

Do you want more examples that show how much trouble we're in here? How this woke ideology has gone completely out of control? Click over to The Carolina Journal newspaper and read about a student who was suspended for three days for using the phrase "illegal alien" in a school writing assignment: Yes, that happened...just last week! Let that sink in for a moment.


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