National Public Radio: state-sponsored media on full display (VIDEO)

China and other communist countries would be so proud

National Public Radio, which has long had a penchant for providing left-slanting news in America, has taken bias to a shocking level with the introduction of new CEO, Katherine Maher.

Maher is shown on record stating that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is a threat to "news" organizations like NPR. You could not make it up.

Maher, who acknowledged that the First Amendment is good for "news platforms" said in the same breath that the problem of the First Amendment stems from any and every citizen having the right to speak their mind.

Maher has been on record rejecting the principles of a “free and open” Internet. She has worked hand in hand with government officials to stifle dissent in her former role as Wikipedia CEO while repudiating the idea of objective truth altogether, all in the name of left-wing relativism.

Essentially, NPR's CEO is saying that they should have First Amendment rights, but the common person in America should not have those same rights and protections to free speech. Maher should be swiftly dismissed from her position at NPR. Maher is the real threat to journalism in America and the Free Speech rights that all Americans have.

This dovetails another scandal with NPR over the recent 5-day suspension of their long-time journalist Uri Berliner, who said recently in an essay that NPR is "captured by the ideological left." Berliner resigned from NPR this past week.

Interestingly, on May 3, 2021, Berliner presented voter registration information to his colleagues about staffers working in NPR editorial positions. What he found was that 87 of those positions were held by registered Democrats. The number of registered Republicans in NPR editorial positions was zero.

Make no mistake: the recent history of NPR being dead wrong on stories such as Russiagate (2016) and the COVID lab leak theory (2020) show that they are not a news organization but simply a government propaganda machine. NPR is a mouthpiece for the government.

The attached video from the Redacted YouTube channel outlines more information about the collapse of any last shred of credibility that NPR had.


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