Belgrade-Brooten police department seeks crosswalk grant funding for Main Streets

The Belgrade-Brooten police department has applied for grant funding to pay for state highway crosswalk signs at the downtown areas of both Belgrade and Brooten.

At the April 17 meeting of the B-B police board, Chief Casey Jansky said that the new signs would feature activated lights at the intersections of Highway 55 with Washburn Avenue in Belgrade and Central Avenue in Brooten. The grant has a minimum project cost of $25,000.

"I have an engineer through MN-DOT who is assisting me and wrote a letter of support for the project," said Jansky. "These signs have the crosswalk label on them plus two LED flashing amber lights that turn on with activation of a push button."

The grant's focus is crosswalk safety for students and citizens south of the highway who are crossing to the business district in both towns.

Jansky also reported that the Minnesota POST board stopped at the local police office in Belgrade for a prescheduled meeting to conduct a compliance review of the Belgrade-Brooten police department. Everything was up to date, and POST stated that the department was compliant with legislative mandates and board rules.

Through March 31, the Belgrade-Brooten police department had totaled 320 incident complaint reports.

Incident complaint report (ICR) totals in March by category: alarm 3, sexual assault 1, agency assist 11, bar check/bar crowd 1, LEAD program 11, dog complaint 1, escort 1, lift assist 2, motorist assist 2, no pay customer 6, ordinance violation 2, deer permit 1, suspicious vehicle 2, traffic stop 53, verbal dispute 2, false alarm 1, assault 1, business assist 1, car service 2, disorderly conduct 1, door checks 3, matter of information 3, medical 3, attend meeting 3, open door 2, parking 3, school patrol 8, theft 4, vehicle in the ditch 2, welfare check 1.


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