President Trump rally in the Bronx draws over 10,000 (VIDEOS)

On Thursday, May 23, President Donald Trump held a rally in the deep-blue Bronx neighborhood of New York City. Leading up to that, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the feckless, deranged Congresswoman who represents the eastern portion of the Bronx, criticized the rally with the belief that residents would not appreciate it.

In fact, residents did appreciate it and turned out in droves. Law enforcement sources reported to the media that they estimated a turnout of 8,000 to 10,000 people that day. Meanwhile, a counter-protest with a few hundred Democrats and supporters of Joe Biden also were in attendance. The attached videos to this web opinion piece spells out more of how it all went down in better detail.

Needless to say, Democats in America need to start the coping process sooner than later. They need to come to grips with Trump being sworn in next January as the United States' 47th president. Once that occurs, let the massive criminal deportation process get underway! It cannot happen soon enough. It is long past time to get this country turned around. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


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