They KNEW all along: and they must be held accountable for the lies (VIDEO)

They knew all along. Since the beginning.

Officials who held titles in leadership in both the American government and also the American health community knew key details about the pandemic while telling the public a different message. This started in the spring of 2020 and continued up through the present day.

These "leaders" (hardly) knew details about the following topics while misleading or lying to the public:

1. Infection-acquired immunity.

2. COVID mortality rates.

3. Masking.

4. Lockdowns.

5. COVID vaccine adverse events.

A key example of how the government lied

A CDC report showed that previously-infected individuals could benefit by receiving COVID jabs. The phrase used was "COVID jabs are 92 percent efficacious for those with prior COVID infections." Congressman Thomas Massie found the report and quizzed CDC officials about it at a hearing on May 7, 2024. His problem with the report: it had no data or science to back it up even after reading Pfizer's own data, which shows the trials did not prove what the CDC said they did. In fact, upon further investigation, Massie realized that certain assertions by the CDC about the benefits of COVID jabs were completely made up. They were total, unadulterated fiction. The worst part of all this: the CDC knew this in January 2021, right as they were ramping up a full-throated roar of messaging telling every adult in America that they needed to get jabbed.

During the hearing, Massie summed up one of his tirades against a federal official: "It's not incompetence, it's insolence." The definition of insolence is rude and disrespectful behavior.

The attached video by the YouTube channel Redacted spells this all out in greater detail.


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