CBS: just one of many legacy media giants that lie and lie and lie some more (VIDEO)

The news giant CBS has proven once again that you just cannot trust the garbage that the legacy media in the United States puts forward and passes off as "journalism."

Not by a mile!

Just this past week, CBS put out a news segment about media coverage of Joe Biden that was completely false. They lied from start to finish and ultimately had to delete it in its entireity. They got caught red-handed in a bold-faced lie. The attached 8-minute long video spells it all out.

Make no mistake: I cannot stand how badly the legacy media in the United States lies. They lie and lie and lie! They lie especially badly about our economy, which is currently hammering the snot out of this small town newspaper. I am sick to death of propaganda outlets like CBS. The ill feelings I have for them are too strong to be put into words. Since 2020, the Bonanza Valley Voice has increased our subscription prices by 67 percent for locals and a massive 85 percent for out-of-area subscribers. Even with those price increases, we are still getting destroyed by what Biden's economy is doing to us. I am more frightened for the future of this small business in 2024 than I ever was during any point in the darkest depths of the pandemic in 2020. In a nutshell: something has got to change, and that change begins with kicking Biden out of the White House on November 5.


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