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  • Redhead Creamery 7th annual Curd Fest (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|Jun 27, 2024

    The Redhead Creamery hosted their annual Curd Fest on Saturday, June 15. The event included an opportunity to showcase the new robotic milkers utilized by the dairy farm on which Redhead Creamery is located. You can watch that and more in the attached video....

  • Bonanza Valley Days is coming! July 11, 12, 13 and 14 (POSTER UPDATE!)

    Randy Olson|Jun 27, 2024

    NOTE: images of the BVD poster were updated on Tuesday, July 2 and re-posted here. Please share this web article so others can see the schedule of events! Bonanza Valley Days is coming on July 11, 12, 13 and 14! On the afternoon of Friday, June 28, this web article will feature photos of the BVD poster, which should be viewable on any computer or device with a regular-sized monitor. Currently, the attached video here features footage from the Brooten Fire Department's chicken BBQ held on July...

  • "He was confused over very basic facts" while betraying Gold Star families

    Randy Olson|Jun 27, 2024

    Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the nightmare known as the Joe Biden presidency? In the attached video, Megyn Kelly is joined by Emily Jashinsky and Rich Lowry to talk about the most alarming presidential debate moments for Joe Biden, how they could officially be the end of his candidacy, and more. Emily Jashinsky gave an especially important point: Joe Biden's wife, Jill, is most responsible for what happened and what is continuing to happen to her husband. It is awful beyond belief...

  • Brooten resumes Farmers Market season (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|Jun 27, 2024

    On June 20, the Brooten Farmers Market season resumed for the summer and fall. Through the early 2010s, Brooten held a Farmers Market at the city park. Last summer in late August, the a Farmers Market was reestablished in Brooten. Organizers felt it was worth it to get a Farmers Market resumed in June and see what type of interest vendors had. The first night was a success and offered the Busy Beehive a chance to display some of what's offered in the newest business that recently opened on Main...

  • Resist the fascists at the CDC (OPINION)

    Randy Olson|Jun 27, 2024

    ...and make no mistake: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is overrun with fascists. Recently, the CDC recommends everyone ages 6 months and older receive an updated 2024-2025 COVID-19 vaccine to protect against the potentially serious outcomes of COVID-19 this fall and winter whether or not they have ever previously been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine. This is all in spite of the overwhelming amount of science out there that suggests two things: the COVID disease is not posing...

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