Council reviews police report, financial issues at city airport

A number of items were discussed at Monday night’s Brooten city council meeting (Oct. 12) ranging from the police report, the airport as well as buildint activity and a dilapitated building.

Present were Mayor Larry Putz, city clerk Jeanne Kinne and maintenance employee Boyce Fischer. Guests included Julie Reade and Chad Otteson. Council members Scott Vogel and Jon Marchand were absent.

The meeting was opened by Mayor Putz with a review of the September police report. Police Chief Paul Wegner also included information on a few calls during the month.

9-6 Officer responded to a report of a theft. Victim had money stolen from his unsecured vehicle.

9-7 Officer responded to a report of two people fighting. Officer located the two individuals. The dispute had been resolved.

9-8 Officer responded to a fight between two people. One of the parties was extremely drunk and left from the scene.

9-11 Officer responded to a restraining order violation at a local business.

9-18 Officer arrested an intoxicated driver for third-degree DWI. Driver was taken to Sterns County Jail and held for court.

9-28 Officer responded to a found 4 year old. Officer was able to locate the child’s mother.

During discussion of the number of hours worked for the month, Mayor Putz said “Under the new contract they wouldn’t have to be concerned over hours anymore.”

Julie Reade asked the mayor how we, as community citizens, would know that they are really putting in the same hours for not only coverage but city costs.

Mayor Putz replied that it didn’t matter anymore as it was a contract for specific amount for police services. Clerk Kinne added that in the past the police department reported that they actually worked many hours past the required anyway.

Reade responded, as a matter of record, “I object to that, as a citizen, I am concerned about services.”

Putz replied, “That is okay, you can object. Besides, the number of hours worked doesn’t necessarily mean that adequate service is not being received. This is just a different way of doing the same service”.

Opening of bids for snow removal only consisted of one bid. Therefore, the contract, for a three-year term, was awarded to Chad Otteson from Innovate at a cost of $80/hour with a two-hour minimum.

Attorneys for Solar Energy had previously suggested that the City amend an ordinance regarding regulations of residential agriculture district. The amendment was presented, discussed and approved.

Building permits were submitted and approved for:

• Don’s Auto - curb cut-out for a new driveway

• Prairie View Golf Course – 30’ x 60’ storage shed, 10’ sidewall with colored steel

A variance request was submitted for:

Arnold Netland - change property from residential to commercial for future erection of individual storage units adjacent to the cemetery and the city park.

After discussion, the council called for a public hearing to get more information, such as what exactly will the units look like, placement as well as give citizens the opportunity to ask questions or present concerns, if any. The meeting is scheduled for the first City Council meeting in November.

As leases are up for the airport property, adjacent to the runway, which is currently rented out at a cost of $15 per acre for a total of $1500. Currently the city is losing money as they are paying $4,520 in taxes because it is rented out. If it isn’t rented out there will be no taxes as they are a public entity and would be receiving no income from the land. Discussion also included continued concerns over the deer that have been on the runway and what is planted on the land. The council approved sending a letter out to those involved of their intent to not re-lease the land. Boyce will also look into CRP programs for planting grass on the property.

Other business addressed or heard by the city council:

Councilman Amundson wanted to know what is going on with regards to the garage that is extremely listing and a severe safety issue as previously discussed. He stated that they supposedly were going to at least cover the front door to help keep critters out and that has not even been done. It is leaning quite a bit. The police will be asked again to go visit them.

Clerk Kinne responded to a question regarding the billing for natural gas from Dooley’s as they had not yet been seen. She believes that those with only a hook-up with no use will receive a bill in January. Others will most likely see theirs in November.

Questions by Chad Otteson were answered about regulations on construction of a building on his property.


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