Classic Co. is open for business

At 11 a.m. on Tuesday this week, the doors opened for business at Classic Co. Bar and Grill in downtown Brooten. Over the lunch hour, head chef and manager Bob Paek reported that they had a nice crowd of about 20 people come for a bite to eat. Business remained steady throughout the day. When I stopped by with my family for supper at about 6 o'clock, traffic through the door picked up quite a bit. Overall, Paek and the rest of his crew were quite pleased with how the first day went. Their menu includes a long list of burgers priced between $6.95 and $7.95 plus six sandwich selections at $7.95 (choice of fries or coleslaw).

(I have to personally recommend the Mediterranean burger!)

Appetizers start at $4.95, and they have a long list of delicious entrees starting at $7.95.

The place has table or booth seating for up to 42 people plus seating at the main bar and a set of bar stools along the west windows.

From one business owner to the next, I want to extend a warm welcome to the folks at Classic Co. to the business community of Brooten.


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