Rubio, Sanders win Minnesota caucus vote

Strong ground games for Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz helped them take first and second place, respectively, in Minnesota’s presidential preference ballot held on Tuesday night this week.

With over 70 percent of precincts reporting, Rubio had 35.4 percent of the vote (25,407) to Cruz’s 29 percent (20,858). The third-place finisher was Donald Trump, who had 21.8 percent (15,665).

Republicans in Kandiyohi County put Ted Cruz on top with 356 votes. Rubio was in second place (282), followed by Trump (165) and then Dr. Ben Carson (124).

Pope County Republicans gave Cruz a narrow win with 70 votes, while Rubio and Trump tied for second place with 60 vote each. Dr. Carson was in fourth place with 41 votes.

State Republican party chair Keith Downey was thrilled to report that caucus turnout on their side set a new record.

Bernie Sanders on the caucus vote for the Democrats in Minnesota.


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