COVID case growth slows across Bonanza Valley area week of good news does not a trend make!


December 3, 2020

After some communities saw large growth in case numbers for COVID-19, the numbers reported by the Minnesota Department of Health on December 3 show good news.

While most media will not report a full picture with full context, The Voice is going to point out that daily testing volumes are three to five times higher than they were at any point last spring or summer. Case counts are following suit.

For the community of the Brooten area in the zip code of 56316, the new cumulative case count for all of 2020 is 92. That figure represents 12 new "cases" added in the last week.

In the Belgrade area of the 56312 zip code, the total case count for 2020 grew from 159 on November 26 to 174 on December 3. This represents an increase of 15 new cases.

Trends across the board in local zip code areas show the case growth down by considerable margins compared to the growth from the November 19 to November 26 MDH COVID-19 reports.

(VIDEO) Meanwhile...this is a fascinating 11-minute video that spells out the science of Vitamin D. It was recorded in 2018, so none of it was created in the context of a respiratory disease outbreak. About 6 minutes in the video, it is stated very clearly that "extra Vitamin D" does not lead directly to benefits such as better immune system support or lower cancer risk. At the tail end of the video, it's stated very clearly that taking high doses of Vitamin D supplements is harmful.


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