(VIDEO) Hopeful Hills Ranch Christmas open house


January 7, 2021


A few alpacas are shown just outside their barn at the Hopeful Hills Ranch just before sunset on December 19.

Over the two weekends leading up to Christmas in December, Hopeful Hills Ranch hosted Christmas open houses at the Fauskee Oil office building in Brooten as well as their location in Lake Johanna Township, rural Brooten. Owner Jane Fauskee was delighted by the response and turnout by the public at the ranch during the weekend before Christmas. Below is a video from the ranch taken on Saturday, December 19.

Two photos from the publisher's visit to Hopeful Hills Ranch on December 19 were published in the January 7, 2021 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper.


(VIDEO) Jane Fauskee with a few of her alpacas.


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