Vitamin D and government inaction

The MDPI out of Switzerland recently conducted a large meta-analysis of Vitamin D3 studies in its relationship to COVID-19 and then published a paper on it. Founded in 1996, the MDPI is a publisher of peer-reviewed, open access journals.

You can find the entire study at the following link:

In this 10 minute, 37 seconds long video, Dr. John Campbell from North England explains information presented in the MDPI paper regarding proper Vitamin D3 intake. He explains that the proper intake for adults should be 4,000 to 10,000 units of Vitamin D3 extra per day (100 to 250 micrograms). This advice is meant to achieve Vitamin D3 serum levels of 50 or more (50 nanogram per milliliter). The healthy range for Vitamin D3 is 30 to 80. Below 30 is considered a chronic deficiency, and a level above 80 is also not healthy either.

The MDPI paper adds that Vitamin K2 should be added with the Vitamin D3 in the amount of 200 micrograms per day. This ensures that calcium that's released in the body by the Vitamin D3 goes into the bones and not in the tissues.

In terms of the range of Vitamin D3 intake, consultation with your doctor and a blood test is required to determine the correct course of action.

At about the 2:30 mark of the video, Dr. Campbell zeroes in on his complaint about government in general not taking this issue head on and promoting the importance of Vitamin D3. He said, "It's just inexplicable why they haven't taken it on by now. This really needs to make its way into public health." The messaging continued in his comments that the strength of our immune systems is something that's been sorely neglected by government.

I have been saying this quite loudly and clearly since April of 2020. It's great to see others finally catching on.


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