The narrative will collapse (OPINION)

George Orwell himself would not believe the world we live in today.

Have you ever wondered why there's no standard and well-organized way for a vaccine-injured person to receive assistance with therapy or recovery? Anyone? Hello? If the number of vaccine-injured people are so few and far between, so insignificant in number that no one should be concerned with population-wide jabbing, then we should certainly be able to help them, right? Again, and follow me here = they are such a small minority out of all the people jabbed, then there should be no reason why funding can't be appropriated to help them. At one local health care facility, they are still requiring workers who get jabbed to sign papers stating that the employee will shoulder all financial costs related to treatment and therapy for any potential vaccine injury. Is that not crazy? We're now over a year into COVID-19 jabbing, and we are still requiring health care workers to sign such paperwork?

Signs of hope in Israel: the parents of approximately 6 out of every 7 children (on average) between the ages of 5 and 11 are opting out of receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 jab.

See more in the video included here, in which the Israeli citizen gives 10 major points on how the narrative is collapsing in her country.

Meanwhile, in the Land of Rocks and Cows of rural Minnesota, the narrative that society won't be protected until children are widely vaccinated has completely and utterly fallen apart. The vaccination rate of children ages 5-17 is very, very low in the Land of Rocks and Cows. Meanwhile, COVID-19 spread has not gone any faster (or slower) than in areas where child-jabbing rates are much, much higher. The fall of 2021 proved that the narrative of "we must jab young children or society will collapse" was a complete and total farce. In our Bonanza Valley area, we lived through a widespread, global Delta-COVID-19 outbreak while our schools and businesses were fully, completely and 100-percent open to all ages. School functions such as Homecoming, middle school dances and gyms full of sports fans took place without interruption from September through December. The masking and mitigation was almost completely absent across that time. Yet the state of Minnesota and our fearless (inept) leader Tim Walz continue shouting and yelling about the need to conduct widespread jabbing of young children to save our society. It's breathtaking.


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