Boats join the Freedom Convoy in Canada (VIDEOS)

Embedded here is a video from Ottawa Canada, where a large boat was spotted behind a Ford Expedition SUV as part of the Freedom Convoy.

Written on the side of the boat is a quote from Thomas Jefferson that was included in the February 17 Bonanza Valley Voice publisher's column. It's located just above the trailer tires on the boat. The quote of Thomas Jefferson reads: "When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty."

What a small world we live in, and it seems to get smaller every day.

Click over to the Bonanza Valley Voice publisher's blog to view another video from Ottawa. In the video, a citizen references the "Jericho Walk" that is taking place around Canada's Parliament Hill. (Link)

In Canada, high school student-athletes still have COVID-19 restrictions on their ability to play sports. Also in the school population, some kids are still scared to hold birthday parties because they "don't want to kill anyone."


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