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Melby Outdoors

Contact: Mark Melby

Phone: 320-354-5533

14270 50th Street N.W.

New London, MN 56273 United States


24 YEAR OF EXPERIENCE. Located eight miles north of Pennock - *Trade deer hides for knives and gloves* Professional tanning services from carcass to finish. LET US PROCESS YOUR HIDES & EUROS THIS YEAR! European mount $75. More prices are on our website. We are now focusing our attention on "processing European mounts" and offering a "full line of tanning services" with complete "custom fur processing" available. We are also providing "taxidermy prepping services" for the everyday hunter to the professional taxidermist. We will still be selling engraved copper trap tags and our Melby outdoor products. Our main focus will remain as always: our customers, and to provide the best customer service at the best prices available. Thank you! The Melbys: Mark, Heidi, Hunter and Kaylin.

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