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  • Belgrade V.F.W. Memorial Day parade (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|Jun 20, 2024

    Better late than never! Here's the video featuring the Belgrade V.F.W. Post 1825 Memorial Day parade. A full 24 days later...we're finally getting this posted....

  • Shocker, or no surprise at all? U.S. government lied about COVID jabs (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|Jun 20, 2024

    Surprise, surprise! The U.S. government lied about COVID jabs at the depths of the pandemic from the very beginning of the jab rollout in December 2020. According to Dr. Robert Redfield, ex-CDC director, the government lied about COVID jabs because they officially did not follow up on how effective the jabs were in terms of whether or not a person becomes sick after they were jabbed. Redfield explained in a podcast that the government did not report that jabbed people were infected with COVID...

  • Redhead Creamery hosts another wildly successful Curd Fest (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|Jun 20, 2024

    Scattered showers did not dampen the mood and uplifting spirit that was part of the Redhead Creamery's annual Curd Fest celebration on Saturday, June 15. The attached video (found by swiping or tabbing "right" from the menu image) features sights and sounds of the Curd Fest that afternoon. The band performing inside the restaurant is the Blue Loon Band, which provides a rustic blend of roots, americana, country and rock driven by the spirited vocals of Ben Stoeck. According to Alise Sjostrom of...

  • Father's Day sermon at West Lake Johanna Lutheran church (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|Jun 20, 2024

    A special Father's Day poem was provided by Pastor Jeanne Megorden as part of her sermon at West Lake Johanna Lutheran church on Sunday, June 16. The attached video features Sam Sanders providing the reading of the lessons before Pastor Jeanne gave the Holy Gospel and her sermon. At around the four-minute mark, Pastor Jeanne begins the Holy Gospel from Mark 4. Her sermon begins about 2 minutes later....

  • Why? Why are we still funding virus research in China? (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|Jun 20, 2024

    Did COVID-19 come out of a China laboratory that was funded by U.S. taxpayers? This was one of many questions that came out of a U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing this past week about the origins of the pandemic. The attached video features additional information and analysis on the topic at The Hill's YouTube channel. In the video, U.S. Senator Rand Paul joins and gives his input while answering questions. He provides this point: there's very little scientific evidence that says...

  • CBS: just one of many legacy media giants that lie and lie and lie some more (VIDEO)

    Randy Olson|Jun 20, 2024

    The news giant CBS has proven once again that you just cannot trust the garbage that the legacy media in the United States puts forward and passes off as "journalism." Not by a mile! Just this past week, CBS put out a news segment about media coverage of Joe Biden that was completely false. They lied from start to finish and ultimately had to delete it in its entireity. They got caught red-handed in a bold-faced lie. The attached 8-minute long video spells it all out. Make no mistake: I cannot...